Price Suggestion
~12 keys
Unusual Commando Elite Smoking
66 votes up
5 votes down

This suggestion was accepted by Erik.

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ehhhhh.......... ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Sale 1: Untrace.!/compare/1555113600/1556409600!/compare/1556668800/1556668800 Sales:;5;u35

Sale 2: ~12 Keys.

May 18

$21.00 / $1.82 = 11.54 keys

Taking 12 keys flat.

Thanks to scourge for the premium!!/compare/1559952000/1560038400!/compare/1558915200/1560297600

    Sold for a Purple Confetti Heavy Duty Rag and 2 keys were added along the Commando Elite.

    This trade doesn't seem to be usable on both hats. It would be <7 keys here, which is too low. Whereas it would be 14 keys on the Duty Rag which is too high here. Best left excluded.