Price Suggestion
~62 keys
Unusual Cold Killer Cauldron Bubbles
46 votes up
4 votes down
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      Theres no known clean so this is fine

        what if they in priv inv?

          previous suggestion based on dupes, so looks fine to me.

      The 3 keys beside Attendant in "Obtained Togheter" ..came with the Attendant as part of trade. Haven't checked keys on buyers side.

      Lazy copy-paste suggestion easily avoided if opening the links..

        Firstly, if I were to copy paste, I'd credit the person who found the sales / info. I do this even for resuggestions and quick fixes.

        Secondly, the 3 keys do match, and having checked over the other keys twice over, i can guarantee the rest do not match.

        Thank you for the information, though!