Price Suggestion
~227.5 keys
Unusual Hong Kong Cone Sunbeams
208 votes up
27 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by polar.

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Sale 1: 243k;5;u17

$435 on 5/11

Sale 2: bulk for secret tc!/compare/1558224000/1558137600

Sale 3: 378k!/compare/1552262400/1552348800!/compare/1552262400/1552348800

Stormy vvf + scorching modest

210 + 168

Sale 4: swapped for spell!/compare/1554076800/1554163200!/compare/1554076800/1554163200

Sale 5: likely qs!/compare/1557100800/1557187200!/compare/1557100800/1557187200

Sale 6: low, could be used to update the tree!/compare/1554336000/1554422400!/compare/1554336000/1554422400

sold with adds for the ks tree

Sale 7: no mini on secret modest, better used there!/compare/1555113600/1555200000

Sale 8: no mini on cmoon rack, better used there!/compare/1550707200/1550793600

Sale 9: 395k!/compare/1553472000/1553558400!/compare/1553472000/1553558400

everything indate, scorching wraith, twatt pyromask, ether hellmet

Sale 10: 262k!/compare/1551398400/1551484800!/compare/1551484800/1551571200

395 took three weeks and scorching wraith is very inaccurate despite being indate.

Seller for it at 250 already w bp price of 290.

378 took four months.

243 took three weeks.

two sellers at 277k, supports excluding higher sales heavily.

rounding 243-262 to 245-260

    Sellers lowered to ~250 on marketplace. Only change I would make here would be to add the scorching wraith sale based on this suggestion -

    Sale 6 for the tree. Tree resold for a burning gibus -!/compare/1556409600/155684160 - so probably won't be really low although the gibus has sales lower than its current price of 375. Since there are more sales here, reasonable to use this to update the tree and gibus.

        Hey Torb, seller here. I technically speaking count my price as quicksell so you guys do whatever with that information! I know probably the 'real quicksell price' is 10-20 keys less but it all depends on opinions here.

        No matter what happened, if i sell it and you need more proof just let me know and i'll send screenshots!

        Edit: i have been offered buyout already however the keys are being collected (two weeks deadline), i do see my price as being quicksell!

        Edit 2: Someone else offered me 190 keys just now and i took em as my quicksell price was that! hope it helps!

          For what it's worth, there's still a buy order on for above 190 keys ($351). Used to be multiple of them, but somebody else ended up dumping to buyers too.

      Thanks for the updates, everyone. Team effort here, led by j58. Concern here was the steep drop but no one can argue that this isn't better than the current listed value.