Price Suggestion
~101 keys
Unusual Sole Mate Amaranthine
26 votes up
2 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Foamy.

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There was only one sale found for this unusual, also thanks to TheWiz for letting me know a strangifier was used! Sale #1

Sold for $178.99 on April 19, 2019.

Keys at ~$1.78.

$178.99 / $1.78 = 100.56 keys or 101 rounded keys

If I did anything wrong, please let me know down in the comments so I can fix it, thank you!

    Would it be effective at all to make 2 suggestions, one for the non strange one and one for the strange? Even tho it is one of one, would it make at all a difference to atleast make a suggestion for the strange one as well?

      Unusuals that have strangifiers are priced using the non-strange variant as with the strangifier strange and non-strange are viewed as the same.

      Edit: Basically you view strangifiers like paint for unusuals, the added value is "negligible" and if there were 2 values you could either apply or not apply the strangifier to make it seem considerably more valuable if there was a large discrepancy between the values, whether due to 1 being much more outdated or some other reason.