Price Suggestion
~252.5 keys
Unusual Hong Kong Cone Sunbeams
19 votes up
35 votes down
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Sale 1: 225k;5;u17

$400 on 1/27

Sale 2: 243k;5;u17

$435 on 5/11

Sale 3: 262k!/compare/1551398400/1551484800

2x sellers on at $485 and $490 (~270k)

These are the purest of the pure sales and there are 2 more for sale in range ---> Hat is not worth more in pure/cash.

There are a couple item only sales above my range, but as the idea is to provide a representative cash/pure value of an item I think it would be disingenous to bother with those. They're either high outliers or symptomatic of the other side of the trade being just as overvalued.

    Unfortunately, while there may be sales close to 200 keys there's also buy orders above your low-end. This would suggest the low-end sales and indeed quicksells, therefore rendering them invalid.

      Not to mention 1/27 is too old to use.

      Also, @Awesome Face, you should still include the other sales you think are high so it's easier for us to see.

        He comment banned so uh