Price Suggestion
~20.5 keys
Unusual Fed-Fightin' Fedora Disco Beat Down
264 votes up
70 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by polar.

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Squad 2, Challenge 15, Team Virtual Item Addicts!

Mini for Insomnia Razor!

Sale 1:!/compare/1554163200/1554249600!/compare/1554163200/1554249600

Used as mini here:

Sale 2:!/compare/1557360000/1557446400!/compare/1557360000/1557446400


Sale 3:!/compare/1556236800/1556409600!/compare/1556323200/1556409600

Sold for Smoking Anger(29.5)

Sale 4:!/compare/1555891200/1556409600!/compare/1556323200/1556409600

Sold for 29 keys (22 used to buy D@D Fedora)

Sale 5:!/compare/1555977600/1556064000!/compare/1556582400/1556928000


Sale 6:!/compare/1555718400/1555891200!/compare/1555718400/1555891200

Sold for 25 keys

Sale 7:!/compare/1555545600/1555632000

(other side is unclear)

= 35 keys

Sale 8:!/compare/1555200000/1555286400!/compare/1555200000/1555286400

Sold with ~1 key in sweets for GBH Hetman

Use there

Sale 9:!/compare/1555200000/1555286400!/compare/1555200000/1555286400

Sold for 25 keys

Sale 10:!/compare/1554076800/1554163200!/compare/1554076800/1554163200


Sale 11:!/compare/1551225600/1551312000!/compare/1551225600/1551312000

Sold for 21 keys

Sale 12:!/compare/1551225600/1551312000!/compare/1551225600/1551312000


Sale 13:;5;u62/

= $59.99 / $1.8

= 33.32...

~ 33 keys

Total sales @:

21, 25, 25, 29, 29.5, 33, 35 keys

Sellers at 30, new,

Buyers up to 25 keys,

buyers were not there for 25 sales, at the time

taking 25 - 35 keys, preserving around unsolds.

    Agree with Jarool, but it's also not your fault this has been left up so long. Both high end sales are pure, so this can sell for more than current sellers have listed in due time