Price Suggestion
~16.5 keys
Unusual Big Elfin Deal Blizzardy Storm
164 votes up
19 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by A Delicious Cashew™.

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Creds to scourge for the help

Sale 1:!/compare/1551830400/1552089600!/compare/1552089600/1552694400


Sale 2:!/compare/1554854400/1555286400!/compare/1555027200/1555286400


Sale 3:!/compare/1555027200/1555286400!/compare/1555200000/1555286400

Sold with 1 key for HoS Motif (17) | 16k

Sale 4:!/compare/1556496000/1556582400!/compare/1556496000/1556582400

Sold for 17k

Sale 5:!/compare/1551225600/1551312000!/compare/1551052800/1551312000

Sold for ~ 15k

Sale 6:!/compare/1551484800/1551657600!/compare/1551657600/1552003200


Sale 7:!/compare/1552176000/1552608000!/compare/1552521600/1552608000

Sold for CH Esteem + ~1 key in sweets (low, better there)

Sale 8:!/compare/1553212800/1553299200!/compare/1553212800/1553299200

Sold for 16k

Sale 9:!/compare/1553299200/1553472000!/compare/1553299200/1553472000

Sold for 8 keys

Sale 10:!/compare/1553558400/1553644800!/compare/1553558400/1553644800


Sale 11:!/compare/1553644800/1553731200!/compare/1553472000/1553731200

Sold with ~1 key in sweets for 15 keys

Total is 14k

Sale 12:!/compare/1553904000/1553990400!/compare/1553904000/1553990400

Sold with ~1 key in sweets for C9 Honcho; buyers there cap this at b/o of 16k

Sale 13:!/compare/1553904000/1553990400!/compare/1553904000/1553990400

Sold for TW Hermes + ~3 keys in sweets

> 2 valid sales on the hermes, both untrace, use the elfin there!/compare/1553385600/1553644800!/compare/1556323200/1556409600

Sale 14:!/compare/1554508800/1554681600!/compare/1554595200/1554681600

Sold with 72 Scooty for 17 keys (low af, would end up with the elfin basically worthless)

Sale 15:!/compare/1554940800/1555027200!/compare/1554940800/1555027200

Sold for CPS Baker (buyers there at unsold here; cant cap, excluding as high)

Sale 16:!/compare/1554940800/1555027200!/compare/1554940800/1555027200

Sold for TW Eyewear (low by unsolds there, use there)

Sale 17:!/compare/1554940800/1555027200!/compare/1554768000/1555027200

Sold for P Fetti Brain Bowl ( 18k , cant cap

Sale 18:!/compare/1555545600/1555632000!/compare/1555545600/1555632000


Sale 19:!/compare/1555632000/1555977600!/compare/1555891200/1555977600


Sale 20:!/compare/1556236800/1556323200!/compare/1556236800/1556323200


Sale 21:!/compare/1556236800/1556323200!/compare/1556236800/1556323200

QS to bot

Sale 22:;5;u30

$30.00 / $1.8 = 16.67 keys > 17k


15-18 here