Price Suggestion
~46.5 keys
Unusual Phononaut Green Energy
169 votes up
17 votes down
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Idk worth a try i guess, 1 new sale, better minis and better formatting than the other one at least.

Sale 1: Bulked!/compare/1548720000/1548806400!/compare/1548547200/1548806400

Sale 2: Bulked!/compare/1548806400/1548892800!/compare/1548806400/1548892800

Sale 3: High!/compare/1548892800/1548979200!/compare/1548892800/1548979200

Sale 4: Oneway!/compare/1549238400/1549324800!/compare/1549152000/1549238400

Sale 5: A. Eldritch Hell (39) + 3k | 42k!/compare/1549584000/1549670400!/compare/1549497600/1549670400

Sale 6: Burning Airdog + Hot WW ProK Corsair Scatter | no valid mini on the scatter, excluding!/compare/1549756800/1549929600!/compare/1549756800/1549929600

Sale 7: D@D Lead!/compare/1554940800/1555027200!/compare/1554249600/1555027200

Sale 8: Untrace!/compare/1555200000/1556236800!/compare/1556236800/1556323200


> nothing to cap with

> Bonk mini

Sale 1: GE Phono!/compare/1554940800/1555027200!/compare/1554249600/1555027200

Sale 2: Went w/ Neutron Pom for Scorching Herald ( no mini on the herald)!/compare/1554249600/1555027200!/compare/1553644800/1553731200

> Herald Mini

Sale 1: Bulked!/compare/1552176000/1552262400!/compare/1552176000/1552262400

Sale 2: GE Peak (108) | high and way above unsold!/compare/1553385600/1553472000!/compare/1553385600/1553644800

Nothing to cap with

Sale 3: D@D Lead + Neutron Pom!/compare/1554249600/1555027200!/compare/1553644800/1553731200


3 Goes outdated in ~ 3 days, leaving 1 high sale and 2 way lower;

D@D lead, while having no valid mini, supports excluding the remaining high sale by unsolds alone

42 flat