Price Suggestion
Darkblaze Timeless Topper
Submitted by Mucy
~77 keys
Unusual Timeless Topper Darkblaze
62 votes up
3 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by polar.

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Excuse me, I have something against this being unpriced! Round 2!

Darkblaze Timeless Topper

Sale 1

Sold for a Sunbeams Milkman (57) + 20 keys!/compare/1551744000/1552176000!/compare/1552348800/1552435200

Credits to Highfeather for a screen showing the keys being added:

Sale 2

Sold with a Blizzy Powdered Practitioner and Blizzy Brainiac Hairpiece for a TF Logo Crone's (should be used there when the Crone's becomes outdated again, kind of bulky to use here)!/compare/1554508800/1554595200!/compare/1554249600/1554508800


7 days @ 80 keys,


2 months @ 9.35 keys

9 days (Generic) @ 9.24 keys

6 hours (Generic) @ 8.3 keys

8 months (Generic) @ 8.28 keys

Sales: 77

Taking 77 flat for now.

Feel free to report any further resale or leave by some feedback!



    Much better.

    Although this does mean we have two widely varying sales. I can't really fathom why the guy who paid me 77 would then resell it for, what, 46.5 keys or so? And that within a month of purchase. And that's being generous by pricing the Logo Crone's at sellers and the Blizz unusuals at quickbuyers.

    I'd personally wait for another sale since it's on the market again, but that's not my call to make.

      If you had offers consistently above 46, that would be enough to rule that an outlier. If not, we'll certainly wait a month.

        I mean there's a good chance Nico, the current seller, has some offers lying around so it's best to ask him too, I'm going to do just that asap.

          Sounds like that's the best plan. I'm afraid I didn't get any other offers on it when I had it, I just jumped on the first offer I got since it sounded good.

          I do know I bought it at ~48.1 keys on the SCM, at the same day it was listed. Less than 50 keys for a 1/1 Darkblaze seemed enough like a quicksell to me.

            So far he said he managed to get offered a DBD Hard Hat but declined it on the same day, mind you Andrei is sitting at 66 with his buy order.

            Screens of the declined offer aswell as of the current market on the Hard Hat will be provided asap but Nico is still on Vacation so bare him some time.

              If I didn't drop over 250 keys on a Medic set yesterday I'd be willing to put my money where my mouth is and put up a 50 key buy order for this again too. But that doesn't say much right now since I don't have 50 keys anymore...