Price Suggestion
~29.5 keys
Unusual Horrific Headsplitter Disco Beat Down
40 votes up
1 vote down
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Squad 4, Team No Life!

Mini for SBTWC HoC

Sale 1:!/compare/1546214400/1546300800!/compare/1546214400/1546300800

Sold for CTFL Coldsnap + ~5 keys in sweets

Coldnsap Mini:

Suggestion for 37.5 keys

Total is 42.5 keys

B/O of ~48 keys

Sale 2:!/compare/1546560000/1546646400!/compare/1546560000/1546646400

Sold for CTFL Tough Stuff

Use there

Sale 3:!/compare/1550102400/1550188800!/compare/1550102400/1550188800

Sold for another one?????

Sale 4:!/compare/1550275200/1550361600!/compare/1550275200/1550361600


Sale 5:!/compare/1550793600/1550880000!/compare/1550793600/1550880000

Sold for DBD Nuke(35) + 7 keys

Total is 42 keys

B/0 of 44 keys

Sale 6:!/compare/1550793600/1550880000!/compare/1550793600/1550880000

Sold for Eldritch Highway

use there, recent suggestions point to this being needed there

Sale 7:!/compare/1550793600/1550880000!/compare/1550793600/1550880000

Sold with 2 keys for Smoking BoA

Use there

Sale 8:!/compare/1550880000/1550966400!/compare/1550707200/1550966400


Sale 9:!/compare/1552694400/1552780800!/compare/1552694400/1552780800

Sold for Cool Aloha WW Shotgun + 13 keys

Use there

Sale 10:!/compare/1551052800/1551139200!/compare/1550880000/1551139200

Sold for 40 keys

Sale 11:!/compare/1551657600/1553904000!/compare/1551571200/1552089600


Sale 12:!/compare/1552089600/1552176000!/compare/1552089600/1552176000

Sold for ~38 keys

Sale 13:!/compare/1546560000/1546646400!/compare/1546473600/1546646400


Sale 14:!/compare/1546905600/1546992000!/compare/1546992000/1547078400

Sold for Duped Beams Beanie

Beanie Mini:!/compare/1546646400/1546732800

Sold for OF BoA(43)

Duped seller for 41, averaging for 42 keys.

Sale 15:!/compare/1549756800/1549843200!/compare/1549756800/1549843200

Sold for 35 keys

Sale 16:!/compare/1550966400/1551052800!/compare/1550966400/1551052800


Sale 17:!/compare/1548201600/1548288000!/compare/1548115200/1548201600

Sold for 34 keys

Sale 18:!/compare/1548547200/1548633600!/compare/1548547200/1548633600


Sale 19:!/compare/1550188800/1550275200!/compare/1550188800/1550275200

Sold with Max Head for Steaming Mancer + Steaming Cold Killer(21.5) + ~5 keys in sweets

Can't find anything on the mancer, which is funny because it moves ALOT

Sale 20:!/compare/1551225600/1551312000!/compare/1551225600/1551312000

Sold for 36 keys

Sale 21:!/compare/1551571200/1551657600!/compare/1551571200/1551657600

Sold for spell

sale 22:!/compare/1551744000/1551830400!/compare/1551657600/1551830400

Sold for 39 keys

Total sales @:

34, 35, 36, 38, 39, 40, 42, 42, 42.5 keys

buyers up to 25 keys,

gonna call 36 & lower outlier,

taking 38 - 43 keys