Price Suggestion
~30.5 keys
Decorated Weapon Shotgun Cool Leopard Printed
62 votes up
8 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Blaze.xTH3RM4Lx.

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Resuggestion, thanks to K1ng for the info!

Sale 1:!/compare/1546387200/1546473600!/compare/1546300800/1546473600


Sale 2:!/compare/1546646400/1546732800!/compare/1546646400/1546732800

untrace, looks like tradebacks?

Sale 3:!/compare/1546646400/1546732800!/compare/1546646400/1546732800

Sold with 1 key for OF Casemaker

Casemaker Mini:

Suggestion for 28 keys

Total is 27 keys

Sale 4:!/compare/1547769600/1547856000!/compare/1547769600/1547856000

Sold for Showstopper Lap(21) + ~3 keys in sweets + spell

Spell Mini:!/compare/1547424000/1547510400!/compare/1546732800/1547510400

Sold for 1 key

Total is 25 keys

Sale 5:!/compare/1548201600/1548374400!/compare/1547856000/1548460800

Sold for Steaming Rack

Rack Mini:

Suggestion for 34 keys

Sale 6:!/compare/1550966400/1551571200!/compare/1550880000/1550966400


Total sales @:

25, 27, 34 keys

Buyers up to 21 keys,

nothing really counters 36,

K1ng's Part:

Victory Lap doesn't match in sale 4, the Searing Napoleon does and it's unsold at 15:

Best to exclude that sale.

taking 27 - 34 keys.