Price Suggestion
~15 keys
Unusual Capo's Capper Aces High
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I like Capping

Capping the objective of pricing very outdated hats

Sellers: - - 10 Days @ 12 Keys

Sale 1)!/compare/1551916800/1552176000!/compare/1551830400/1551916800 - Sold with ~2 Keys in Sweets for an Aces High Hound Dog (13) = (11) Keys

Only sale we have is:


Unsold supports, buyer doesn't seem to buy (Nuts has sellers at 11 Keys)

Thanks =)

    The sweets are over 2k (around 2.3) and the hound dog is 12.5

    12.5 - ~2.3= 10.2 , round to 10

      10 is below current buyers and the starduster was valued ~1.65 Keys at time of trade, I doubt the paint mattered too much either

        Even so, 12.5-~2 keys at the time would be 10.5 which is buyer price

          Have to agree with torb here. Will need to wait for more sales here

      Id leave this outdated.