Price Suggestion
~68 keys
Unusual Front Runner Purple Energy
40 votes up
1 vote down
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This suggestion was accepted by De Zwakste Schakel.

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Purple Energy Front Runner

and finally , mini for Trencher's Topper

Credist to Scourge

Sale #1!/compare/1551830400/1551916800!/compare/1551830400/1551916800

Sold for a burning scout shako

~ 75 keys


Sale #2 invalid(bulk)!/compare/1548547200/1548633600

Sold for harvest moon dapper. Use there?


Sale #3 invalid(bulk)!/compare/1549411200/1549497600

Sold for CV anger.


Sale #4!/compare/1550793600/1550966400

sold for ra robin

~ 68 keys


Sale #5!/compare/1551657600/1551830400

sold for Trencher's Topper. Using there



Mini for Shako

Mini for Robin


Going to discard 75 as unsolds at 70 for 4 months xD

Going with 68 keys flat!!

Go find your Paradise ♡

    The 4 months unsold one is duped, by the way. Since there are two more sellers at 70 are clean, though.

      They are also unsolds :P

        wow my sentence was a bit weird when i read it back (was in a hurry, sorry for that); I meant to say that since there are two other sellers at 70 that are clean, it doesn't matter that much here.

        I also already meant to accept, but got sidetracked by checking the minis and then forgot, lol