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Vintage Scrap Metal
Submitted by Prentiscool
~333 keys
Vintage Scrap Metal
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17 votes down
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  • 500 keys
    Vintage Scrap Metal 1 Traded 7450486982 278139377
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    Vintage Scrap Metal
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    Vintage Scrap Metal
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Vintage Metals ewwww.....I mean they cool though

Purchased a clean Vintage Scrap Metal for $599 on

Will be priced in keys at day of purchase (3/14/2019).

599 / 1.8 = 332.77k. Rounding to 333k to make sure Vintages never have even numbers. - Proof of purchase.


Marketplace link -;3 History -

Everything looks good, but another sale for a clean exists!/compare/1546214400/1546387200!/compare/1546214400/1546387200

and im pretty sure thats under 333 looking at unsold sellers

    That clean sale seems like a quicksell considering the last other clean one thats traceable sold at 316k. That sale seems more like an outlier then mine with an over 100k difference compared to a 10k difference.

    I'll let a mod decide on that but to me it seems like the bigger outlier.

      from what im saying is that you need to mini / micro the hat and put it in the range if possible as you cant just exclude an unusual sale just because you think its a quicksale.

        Fair enough, but considering the unusual is unpriced what would you consider price wise in for the mini?

          i would find indate valid sales on it, if possible make a price suggestion or at worst just make a quick small suggestion within this suggestion to give the hat a "valid" price

        The main problem with this argument is that there's no real way to prove it's an outlier - both sales took an acceptable amount of time, but the values are discrepant. If there was a supporting sale at 333, then I might be leaning more towards the high end here, but there's nothing to prove so.

          Makes sense. I can update it to a range with the hat and mini it, but I don't have a way of finding sales for it otherwise to give the mini an accurate price.

            Well, updating the hat will likely put it less than 200 due to a dupe unsold at that. Range of like 190-340 for instance wouldn't work here, it's too wide

              Hello, for the past 3-4 hours I have been researching the Powdered Practitioner and a myriad of other hats. I painstakingly ended up with a price of 130 keys on the Powdered Practitioner.

              Considering how the Practitioner is approaching 3 months old and your purchase for the Vintage Scrap Metal is in pure and very recent, I believe your price of 333 keys is the correct price for the Vintage Scrap Metal and the Powdered Practitioner can be excluded as an outlier.


          But isn't this sale, which is 3 months old, too old to even consider?

            that sale going by "howlongago" says its 2 months 12 days old

              oh i forgot how to think

              isn't 2 months still too old?

                its still valid until it hits 3 months old

          Yeah, this is likely going to be left oudated. Sale 1 has an unusual with unsolds at 200, while this has a 333k sale? Hard to determine the outlier here and can't price one of the other. Wait for a mod decision here I guess but it's likely going to be a downvote from me.

            Sale for the practitioner is a clear outlier here