Price Suggestion
~240 keys
Unusual Universal Translator Nebula
37 votes up
1 vote down
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This suggestion was accepted by Foamy the Fearsome.

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I wanna die.

Sale 1:!/compare/1545955200/1546128000 - Bulk.

Sale 2:!/compare/1547856000/1548201600 - Bulk.

Sale 3:!/compare/1546819200/1546905600!/compare/1546819200/1546905600

Use there.

Sale 4:!/compare/1548028800/1548115200 - Bulk.

Sale 5:!/compare/1544313600/1544486400!/compare/1544400000/1544486400

Sold for a Time Warp Brotherhood of Arms (240 keys) + 80 in adds.

240 + 80 = 320

Got the B/O confirmed, was 330:

Mini for the BOA:

New sale:!/compare/1549324800/1549843200 - Pullover doesnt seem to have any usable sales.

New sales i missed:!/compare/1551225600/1551312000!/compare/1551225600/1551312000

110 pure + a Nebula Universal Translator (170 keys)

110 + 170 = 280!/compare/1548720000/1548806400!/compare/1548720000/1548806400

Sold with a Stare From Beyond Magnificent Mongolian + a Cauldron Bubbles Prancer's Pride + ~6 in adds for a Stormy 13th Hour Bruce's Bonnet + a Chiroptera Venenata Physician's Protector + a Sunbeams Vintage Tyrolean + a Something Burning This Way Comes Counterfeit Billycock


Classies: 280-320.

    Going to leave the boa for a bit to see if we can get more appropriate data on the dapper, but as a mini it suffices here.