Price Suggestion
~8.5 keys
Unusual Stately Steel Toe Orbiting Fire
43 votes up
0 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Erik.

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Sale 1:!/compare/1545523200/1545609600!/compare/1545609600/1545696000

Sold for ~8.5 keys

Sale 2:!/compare/1550880000/1550966400!/compare/1550880000/1550966400


Sale 3:!/compare/1548633600/1548720000!/compare/1548547200/1548633600


Sale 4:!/compare/1549152000/1549238400!/compare/1549152000/1549238400


Sale 5:!/compare/1549238400/1549324800!/compare/1549065600/1549324800

Sold for Aces Fatman

Use there

Sale 6:!/compare/1549065600/1549324800!/compare/1549238400/1549324800

Sold with ~5 keys in sweets for HG Fr-0

Bulkish, use there

Sale 7:!/compare/1549324800/1549411200!/compare/1549324800/1549411200

Sold for 7 keys

Sale 8:!/compare/1549411200/1549497600

QS to zol

Sale 9 - 11 :;5;u33

2 buy orders,

$16.79 / $1.8 = 9.33 keys

Total sales @:

7, 8.5, 9.33 keys

Sellet at ~8.5,

Buyers up to 7.5,

taking 8.5 flat.