Price Suggestion
~27.5 keys
Unusual Universal Translator Disco Beat Down
63 votes up
1 vote down
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This suggestion was accepted by polar.

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idek what to call mirco mirco mirco mirco

Sale 1!/compare/1550707200/1550793600

sold scm 166.32 / 2.35 = 71~

Sale 2!/compare/1546992000/1547251200

37 pure QS

Sale 3!/compare/1547510400/1547596800

1:1 for Green Energy Crocleather Slouch (48.5)

Sale 4!/compare/1547424000/1547596800

history match for a Death at Dusk Greased Lightning (better used on grease)

Sale 5!/compare/1549497600/1549584000

sold with Clairvoyance Hephaistos' Handcraft for Orbiting Fire Gentleman's Ushanka + Terror-Watt War Pig + Disco Beat Down Archer's Sterling

better used on warpig for it has far less sales

Sale 6!/compare/1547942400/1548028800

Sold with 5 key sweets for a Green Energy Pithy Professional (52.5)

total 47.5

Sale 7!/compare/1548288000/1548374400

Sold for a different Green Energy Pithy Professional (52.5) along with 6.5~ k in sweets

total 59

Sale 8!/compare/1548460800/1548633600!/compare/1547856000/1548720000

Sold for Circling TF Logo Magnificent Mongolian + Green Energy Tank Top

better used to price tank

Sale 9!/compare/1549238400/1549324800

sold for Hellfire Gridiron Guardian (50) Duped but was priced off duped in sugg

total sales


Calling 37 low due to amount under buyorders

Calling 71 high due to sellers

taking 48-59

    Grid needs a mini; wouldn't be opposed to a pithy mini here either seeing how that affects 2 sales

      I’ll get lookin into it ty foam

      Grid won't affect the range. Would be nice to have had an update on the pithy, but I'm willing to accept here.