Price Suggestion
~13.5 keys
Unusual Tavish DeGroot Experience Kill-a-Watt
295 votes up
55 votes down
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      Might be missing something but i dont see anything being received by the seller, only his buy of it, and nothing on the STN bot's side matches 14.5; infact none of the bundles in that range match the seller; and on the buyers side only 8k go to STN

      also, generally STN sales arent used, is this an exception?

        You have to look way down on the STN bot. It's under the block of 70 items obtained together.

          Nothing under the bundle of 70 matches or would be possible either

          Bundle of 37 ref

          bundle of 15k and ~2k in ref

          bundle of 23k

          additionally none of the histories match

              Odd, i checked each bundle, nothing matched to the buyer.. either way, so its usable even being an STN bot?

                  The way I understand it most site-bot sales (with the exception of scrap auctions, since those are fully tracable by the auction page) are excluded because theres no way to guarantee nothing else was added (IE site balance / items from other games / something else that doesnt show up in compares due to how frequently the bot trades) . I'll ask other mods though.

        With this new sale, this should be resuggested at 12-15.