Price Suggestion
Ghastly Ghosts Jr Legendary Lid
Submitted by Luca
ghosts jr
Unusual Legendary Lid Ghastly Ghosts Jr
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Sold for Starstorm Slumber Bedouin Bandanna (500 keys)+Starstorm Slumber Patriot Peak (110 keys).

B/o was 400, so sale caps there I suppose.!/compare/1548460800/1548547200

Bedouin In-date at 500:

Patriot Peak Mini:

    Cant really take his word for the B/O, now can we? Better to ask seller and/or buyer for the B/O, if that doesn't work, no cap can be done.

      I mean I recall his b/o being 400 as well, as I was initially trying to buy the lid but regardless I'll see if EnoT can comment on here with what his b/o was.

    Slumber patriot peak is in a private/hidden bp now. How can i know that Enot received that hat in that trade?

      Because he's the one who listed it on and also made the suggestion for said hat?

        So he sold it for 200 usd and is the current owner the guy who was the private bp?

          Apparently so.