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galactic gateway
Unusual Outta' Sight Galactic Gateway
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Resuggesting again

Sale 1) Duped sulphurous team captain!/compare/1540684800/1540771200

☆No recent sales for TC

Sale 2) Stormy 13th hour chill chullo!/compare/1540771200/1540857600

☆Active price suggestion at 400 keys credits to Master Throne Crimson

☆Universal translator mini:;5;u121

55 usd (2 sales) and 100 usd

55/1.70 = 32 55/1.73 = 32 100/1.79 = 56 (outlier)

☆Current seller at 35 keys in classifieds and highest buyer at 21 keys

Summary sale 2: outta sight + u.translator (32 keys) for

Chullo at 400 keys - 32 = 368 keys for outta sight

Sale 3) 30 keys + outta sight for c.h crones dome indate at 295 keys!/compare/1547078400/1547164800!/compare/1547078400/1547164800

☆30 keys dont match, buyer (zalo) provided the necessary info to confirm those keys here:

Summary: set a range 265/368

☆Will fix if Master Throne Crimson does something with chullo

New price: 317 keys