Price Suggestion
~27 keys
Unusual Texas Slim's Dome Shine Orbiting Planets
60 votes up
13 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by polar.

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First ever suggestion so please let me know if something needs to be fixed/re-evaluated.

Sale 1: 30 keys pure!/compare/1549756800/1549843200

Other hat listed at 30 for 4 days, seller appears to have traded for it on November 9 going by history:

Can't get the compare links to work for the sale, also happened over 3 months ago so I'm assuming it's safe to exclude.

Final Price: 30 keys

    You did take a look at the page, right? From my understanding of the history that hat should still be on Marketplace. I’ll check when I get on my PC.

    EDIT: No sales stats and just one listing for $63 (keys at $1.79) resulting at a B/O of about 35 keys.

      Yes, I did. Mareako has it listed for 63$, though his listing says 30 keys. Doesn't look like marketplace has any usable sales stats currently. The 'view on' tab just links me to the history page I already posted.

      Edit:Added Mareako to find out how much he paid for it. Would the sale still be usable, considering it happened a little over 3 months ago?

      2nd Edit: Confirmed that Mareako's trade is outdated and free to exclude. Theo traded for his last April, so it looks like 30 keys is the only usable sale.

        Yeah, Marketplace does that often, I’m not sure why. This suggestion should be alright then, upvote.

    Seems like the comparison link got all wonky so I asked Theo if he could confirm the trade was for 30 keys.

    If its not enough proof I can ask him for a screenshot

      30 is a good price i payed for it