Price Suggestion
~35.5 keys
Unusual Western Wear Purple Energy
52 votes up
4 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Erik.

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Only sale i guess. Hell naw. This month wait spawned me a lot more work.

Wait, why hasnt this been accepted yet?

Sale:;5;u10 - 72.92/1.76 = 41

B/O (you can still see it :thinking:):

Biggest additional ive ever had by Blaze! Blaze provided me with the freshest of sales. Minis done and added in by me!!/compare/1547856000/1547942400!/compare/1547856000/1547942400 - sold for 37 keys!/compare/1542844800/1542931200!/compare/1542844800/1542931200 - sold for Time Warp Respectless Robo-Glove (28 keys) + Roaring Rockets Taunt: Zoomin' Broom (8 keys)

28 + 8 = 36

Mini for the Robo-Glove:

Mini for the taunt:;5;u3020 - 13.79/1.76 = ~8, all the most recent ones average to 8.

Classies:!/compare/1542672000/1542758400!/compare/1542758400/1542844800 - sold for keys + sweets (can be seen clearly in second compare link, histories will need to be checked to see how many of those keys were involved)

35 pure + a Strange Specialized Killstreak Eyelander (~1 key)

35 + 1 = 36!/compare/1542499200/1542585600!/compare/1542499200/1542585600 - sold with Screaming Tiger Taunt: Buy A Life for Electric Hat Protector A Head Full of Hot Air + Infernal Flames Taunt: Burstchester + Stormy Storm Base Metal Billycock, NO USABLE SALES FOR Burstchester.!/compare/1548633600/1548720000!/compare/1548633600/1548720000 - sold with 11 keys for duped Green Energy Safe'n'Sound

Mini for the SnS:;5;u9 - 100/1.76 = ~57, seller for clean at 55: Seems high, no other usable sales. Deeming it as unusable. - appears to be the only sale from this history, no other usable dupe sales.!/compare/1547078400/1547251200!/compare/1547164800/1547251200 - sold for Sunbeams Airdog (29 keys) + 4 keys

29 + 4 = 33

Mini for the Airdog (credits to Mucy):

Sales: 38, 37, 36, 36 and 33. Classies: 33-38 seems very much fine.