Price Suggestion
Darkblaze Conjurer's Cowl
Submitted by Borkser
~114 keys
Unusual Conjurer's Cowl Darkblaze
366 votes up
28 votes down

This suggestion was accepted by Foamy.

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Comments;5;u79 - ~114 keys

Taking 114 flat!

          That's not all. The guy ( has also been offline for 25 days, making him inactive and this sale perfectly usable. Also, something being marked as NFS means nothing. I've sold things marked NFS because people have added me for them before. But the fact it hasn't been traded in a year and the guy is inactive makes this usable.

              Being marked as NFS is often used as an indication that it is unlikely to get new sales. If we review suggestions where it matters whether or not we get a new sale we typically check the bp of whoever bought it to see if they're likely to resell any time soon. Indications such as profile info, bptf tags stating it is not for sale or a backpack full of similar hats/effects (and of course whether or not it was listed).

              They're not airtight, and we've had plenty of cases where someone not wanting to sell something ends up selling it anyway, but we have to make do with the info we get :P.

            Dupes dont matter smfh

                or its the fact that there are very little of this item and its rarely traded.

                  or another rule of using duped pure sale is when an item is worth 30 keys or lesser and if the only pure sale is with a duped,it should be fine.


                      well its the rules so maybe you could talk about this subject in the discord of

                          he literally told you that you can go and discuss it with admins on bp forums/discord lol

                              30 keys is not a hard cutoff; it is a rule of thumb we use because from experience, we've felt that on hats below 30 keys, the difference between clean hats and duped hats is often minimal, if existent at all. There are many exceptions, also on hats higher than 30 keys, if we see that clean values and duped values go hand in hand.

                              Even on hats below 30 keys, we typically look at the market before we decide whether or not updating with a dupe seems adequate in these cases.



                              Here's an example of a sub-30 key hat where an update based on dupes was rejected, because the market indicated that dupes mattered specifically in that case.

                              Outside of such cases we try to enable suggesters to update lower tier hats even when the exchanges on it are primarily on dupes. Some low tiers have a market that exclusively consists of dupes from time to time, while their value still remains constant or shows a trend that does not deviate notably from times where there are also clean ones up for grabs. Rejecting the update because of dupes in such a case serves little to no purpose.

                              Things like duped items are always tricky to deal with, which is why it is difficult to make one set-in-stone rule. Instead we use guidelines, from which we can deviate if the situation calls for it.

                "If the hat you are pricing is duped, you cannot lower the value of its clean version based on its sale. Sales of duped hats can be used as supporting evidence or as proof to raise the value on an unusual or to set a price on an unpriced unusual if there are no clean sales."

                --Rules for Unusual Price Suggestions