Price Suggestion
~59.5 keys
black hole
Unusual Tyrantium Helmet Green Black Hole
62 votes up
8 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Erik.

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    Apparently sold for a (duped) Cloudy Moon Human Cannonball. Seems rather high.

    Some sales on the Cannonball!/compare/1546041600/1546128000!/compare/1545955200/1546128000

    Going by backpack prices and buy orders on the motif this is atleast 100+!/compare/1545609600/1545955200!/compare/1545868800/1545955200

    Sold for a Haunted Ghosts Patriot Peak (slightly outdated at 115)!/compare/1544832000/1544918400!/compare/1544832000/1544918400

    Sold for a Burning Flames Modest Metal Pile of Scrap (slightly outdated at 107) + '72 Taunt: Yeti Punch and some sweets. Total is about 115ish as well.

    All in all the Cannonball ball sale is probably well above 100 and is definitely an outlier here.