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~163 keys
Unusual Chieftain's Challenge Harvest Moon
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21 votes down
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1 of 2 hat, recently bought, given how rare and old the previous suggestion was, thought I would try to update it.

Traded for 150 keys + 25 Unlocked Winter 2016 Cosmetic Cases on November 10th 2018.

1.73 per key on

25 Winter 2016 Cases at $2.48/case on = $62 = 35.8 keys rounded up to 36 keys.

150+36 keys = 186 keys

Screenshot of Trade History:

I am also a collector, don't plan on selling, haven't sold in last 2 months, won't sell in next 3 months - 3 years either, so this will likely be the only sale in the next year.

The other hat of this 1 of 2 hasn't sold in 4 years since 2014 December.

    There are other sales under the hat that you need to consider and look at. Congrats on the purchase tho.

    Keys didn't load in cause they were on fallback inventory, so no compare history available in!/compare/1541721600/1541808000 - this went 1:1 for a beams ballcap which is updated at 140
!/compare/1541635200/1541721600 - prior to that it sold for some outdated hats that are massively inflated

        And prior to that it was in bot.

        A range of 140-186 is will work here. Please resuggest.