Price Suggestion
~89 keys
Unusual Climbing Commander Green Energy
47 votes up
16 votes down

This suggestion was accepted by Foamy.

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The price is climbing.

Sale 1)!/compare/1546387200/1546473600 - D@D Spartan(79, open suggestion ) + 10 keys = 89

Mini:!/compare/1545955200/1546041600 - sold with 12 keys for a Beams Screaming Eagle (can't be used)!/compare/1546214400/1546300800 - sold for p.e. Milkman and 41 pure (mini mini for Milkman can be found here

Sale 2)!/compare/1546128000/1546214400 - 50 keys, most likely sold to a bot(whos name is Bot.) and then transferred to main acct Sujak - unusable, higher buy orders

Sale 3)!/compare/1546300800/1546387200 - can't tell, but its sold to a Merigold Bot, most likely a few keys higher than 50, then transferred to main acct - Breeze. - unusable as there are buy orders for almost same value

current market:

Any help and constructive critisism is appreciated.!/compare/1548720000/1549497600 another sale to back up this value another SCM seller below this range though

      no profile pic on SCM seller, meaning he's either scammer alt or new to trading. I've seen some sell on SCM as wellt, but they come and go though. Up to you anyways

        What bothers me here is that over the course of time we've seen two SCM sellers significantly below the suggested range, and there are two sales here around ~50.

        Whether the seller is an avid trader or not is not really a prerequisite; if it is clearly too low it'll sell fast regardless of who the seller is :P I'll run this by the other mods, but in my eyes it's best to wait for more sales here.

          Sure, sounds good. Although, SCM is whole different market IMO, so I'd work with item to item and markeplace trades/sales, leaving SCM for 1 of 1 sales and etc, the thing is that not as many people in the trading community fill up or keep their steam wallets filled for hats over 100$-ish. Smaller hats are usually gone quickly even above recommended price, but bigger hats even with discounts usually takes time to sell.

            Yeah, that's definitely a valid point; especially when the sellers disappear after a while I'm not opposed to ruling such sales as outliers (like with that 115€ seller mentioned earlier), but its generally more likely an issue when the potentially countering datapoints appear more frequently. Since this is the case here I have my doubts, but I'm definitely open to hearing other opinions here before making the final decision.

      Eh, it seems like the SCM seller does not have a solid BO; he raised it within a few days (still slightly below, but closer to the suggested value).

      Will accept this as good enough here.