Price Suggestion
Green Energy Climbing Commander
Submitted by refleKtor
Unusual Climbing Commander Green Energy
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The price is climbing.

Sale 1)!/compare/1546387200/1546473600 - D@D Spartan(79, open suggestion ) + 10 keys = 89

Mini:!/compare/1545955200/1546041600 - sold with 12 keys for a Beams Screaming Eagle (can't be used)!/compare/1546214400/1546300800 - sold for p.e. Milkman and 41 pure (mini mini for Milkman can be found here

Sale 2)!/compare/1546128000/1546214400 - 50 keys, most likely sold to a bot(whos name is Bot.) and then transferred to main acct Sujak - unusable, higher buy orders

Sale 3)!/compare/1546300800/1546387200 - can't tell, but its sold to a Merigold Bot, most likely a few keys higher than 50, then transferred to main acct - Breeze. - unusable as there are buy orders for almost same value

current market:

Any help and constructive critisism is appreciated.

    this one does not even show up on premium search, must be a clueless unboxer