Price Suggestion
Green Energy Toy Tailor
Submitted by Hollows
~27 keys
Unusual Toy Tailor Green Energy
64 votes up
12 votes down
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This suggestion was closed by Erik.

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Sale 2:!/compare/1544486400/1544572800


Not sure, scm doesn't show anything past Christmas

Sale 3: 22k (aussie wrench)

A BMOC was added 5.15 keys classifieds seller.!/compare/1545004800/1545350400

Sale 4: 20k!/compare/1545955200/1546560000

Sale 5: 20k again!/compare/1546905600/1546992000

20-22 seems valid here

20, 20, 22

@Thanks for j58 for helping me out with the suggestion!!/compare/1548979200/1549065600!/compare/1548979200/1549065600


    Sold here for a Dead Presidents Brotherhood of Arms (somewhere between 26-29 keys).!/compare/1547596800/1547683200!/compare/1547596800/1547683200

    Seems low considering that the second 20 key sale went rather quickly as well. With the sweets added this would end up below 15 or so..!/compare/1548374400/1548979200!/compare/1548892800/1548979200

    Sold for a Blizzardy Storm Head Hedge + Skill Gotten Gains Taunt: Disco Fever (4ish) + 8 keys.

    Head Hedge needs a mini.!/compare/1548201600/1548288000!/compare/1548201600/1548288000

    Sold for a Haunted Ghosts Polar Bear + '72 Taunt: Second Rate Sorcery + ~1 key mixed.

    The Brotherhood, Head Hedge and taunt need mini's. The final price on this will likely end up higher than the range suggested here.

      Closing based on my comment above. Feel free to resuggest once there are mini's for the hats involved in the new trades.