Price Suggestion
~47 keys
Unusual Ol' Snaggletooth Cauldron Bubbles
49 votes up
27 votes down
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Wunschpunsch is one of the most underrated cartoons of early 2000s tbh.

Sale #1:

$80 on marketplace:;5;u39

Keys were $1.76 that day:;6/Mann%20Co.%20Supply%20Crate%20Key

80/1.76=45.(45) ~= 45

Sale #2:


Rest of sales are scrap. Currently on scrap for ~39 keys.

Valid sales:

45, Bulk

Taking 45.

I've been wearing these pants for three days.

    Sale was for a duped one

      I can't find any other valid sales, if there were any sales for clean ones I'd be happy to resuggest.

        Right, but the rules state that you can't drop items with duped sales for items over 30 keys unless either no clean ones exist, or all clean ones belong to basically dead accounts. Since there's a clean one on the market (the one listed for $85 on marketplace), this sale can't be used here.

        What you can do in this situation is try to find out how long the $85 seller has been listed for, and drop with an unsold if it has been a fair amount of time, or even wait until it sells.

      as mentioned since the clean one is up for sale this cant be updated with a dupe at this time, so this needs to be closed.