Price Suggestion
~0.17 ref
Unique Buff Banner
306 votes up
154 votes down
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Item Snapshot made
  • 3 ref
    Unique Buff Banner 5 Purchased 6681202785 2391735253
  • 0.05 ref
    Unique Buff Banner 5 Purchased 7429349660 5782517248
  • 0.22 ref
    Unique Buff Banner 5 Purchased 7427057260 1824423846
  • 3 ref
    Unique Buff Banner 5 Purchased 7384184132 6131593094
  • 0.11 ref
    Unique Buff Banner
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This suggestion was accepted by Mindacos.

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Sale @ 0.05:

6 day seller @ 0.05: sales:

18 @ 0.11

3 @ 0.22

Auto-buyer @ 0.11

Auto-seller @ 0.22

Ridiculous range countered by 0.11 buyer:

    I suggest reading into my last suggestion before calling this one ridiculous.

    I thought similarly, and I even included in my reply above, made 11 days ago, that I also dislike this range, but a mod said that 0.05 may be needed if there are still sales at it.

      I read that suggestion; it's a month old.

      Seller at 0.05 no longer exists. 0.11 buyer is larger than 0.05 anyway. I've never been the biggest proponent of Mindacos' guidance; it's always teetered on ambiguity. It doesn't matter how long it took the 0.05 seller to sell or how "immediate" the profit is. If there is an autobuyer at above a seller, I always assume there is a reason why the seller hasn't sold. Perhaps they're offline? Perhaps they're not actually selling at that price? Doesn't matter. There's a better deal somewhere so we use that. It's why craft hats cannot have anything under the craft hat blanket in the range.

        Again, I agree with you, but if Mindacos is the one reviewing the suggestion, I'll wait for input.

          Fair enough. Wish you the best.

      New 0.11 buyer pretty much confirming (at least to myself) that this has an incorrect low end.

        I myself was satisfied with my last suggestion, but the ones that count were not.

          If you want to wait for a mod, that's up to you. I'm just saying that 0.11-0.22 is better (and not what your old range was).

      I personally prefer a range of 0.11-0.22 here. Since ref-key ratios changed dramatically over the holiday, it has taken a while for the re-calibration to trickle down to low value items. A month ago, 0.05-0.22 was probably right. Now 0.11-0.22 is probably better.

      Having said that, I don't think it's a big enough difference to go against the votes. And I can't fault you for having your suggestion open for so long.