Price Suggestion
Demonflame Whirly Warrior
Submitted by *TOP CAT*
~150 keys
Unusual Whirly Warrior Demonflame
40 votes up
10 votes down
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All sales are dupes, as there is only a duped version of this hat

Sale juan:!/compare/1543795200/1543881600, not reselling

140 (smoky is in date) + 90 ( sugg for hallmark)

140 + 90 = 230

Capping at 200; that's what my buyout was "Joeg™" suggestion

Recent: Listed at 170 Keys / for $300 USD

I purchased at 150 pure. Not 100% if this should b a range or flat.

Trade Screenshots:


    You should close this, new suggestion at 150-200.