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Unusual Defragmenting Hard Hat 17% Disco Beat Down
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1 recent sale on this guy


sold for a disco beat down dark falkirk helm (46) and a strange professional killstreak original (21)!/compare/1543968000/1544054400 - histories don't match on keys, they match with the luger!/compare/1543881600/1544054400 - ???

46 + 21 = 67 keys


disco beat down dark falkirk helm

sold along with 15 keys for a burning flames head hedge (url=]open suggestion at 61[/url])!/compare/1543708800/1543968000!/compare/1543795200/1543968000

61 - 15 = 46 keys

taking 67


                But right now this is the only valid sale. Nothing counters this suggestion.

                He may have been calling it a QS, but it can't be seen as one as of now, because there are no other sellers, sales, buyers, B/O, etc. that support your solitary screenshot.

                If / when you sell it, the verdict can come in on whether or not this is an outlier.

                  brown.... maybe research the definition of a ``quicksell``

        Oh i see you made this suggestion after seeing him try to sell for around 200-250keys xd