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Unusual Defragmenting Hard Hat 17% Disco Beat Down
275 votes up
82 votes down
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1 recent sale on this guy


sold for a disco beat down dark falkirk helm (46) and a strange professional killstreak original (21)!/compare/1543968000/1544054400 - histories don't match on keys, they match with the luger!/compare/1543881600/1544054400 - ???

46 + 21 = 67 keys


disco beat down dark falkirk helm

sold along with 15 keys for a burning flames head hedge (url=]open suggestion at 61[/url])!/compare/1543708800/1543968000!/compare/1543795200/1543968000

61 - 15 = 46 keys

taking 67


    y3ezz, you are looking fine. G O O D suggestion, like usual.

                But right now this is the only valid sale. Nothing counters this suggestion.

                He may have been calling it a QS, but it can't be seen as one as of now, because there are no other sellers, sales, buyers, B/O, etc. that support your solitary screenshot.

                If / when you sell it, the verdict can come in on whether or not this is an outlier.

                  brown.... maybe research the definition of a ``quicksell``

        Oh i see you made this suggestion after seeing him try to sell for around 200-250keys xd

            welp, a 100 key loss for me

              sales mainly at 110+ and another seller at 150, price sug will likely be closed, ur good

                  You have lots of dislikes because just saying a hat is 80 because of it being pink and disco beat down means nothing.

                  This suggestion here just got accepted:

                  It's a purple with a dark doorway effect, and many were thinking along the same lines as you.

                  You price hats based off of SALES, not based off of how rare or expensive you THINK something should be.

                    That doesn't matter. If it sells, then it matters.


                          Good luck selling it then. You should also know that steam says your ítem isn't tradable, not this 'autistic site'.

                      Quickbuyer at 65 keys, why are we waiting for this suggestion ?

                        lol. quickbuys made after suggestions don't mean anything

                          If your buy order isn’t legit, you are against rules


                            never said I wouldn't pay 65 keys for this, but it doesn't affect suggestions

                        but m-muh quickbuyers

                          Based on the comments above, it seems like that other sale will be much higher here. Given that the sales are pretty far apart, I would say it's best left unpriced (unless more happened).