Price Suggestion
~45 keys
Unusual Respectless Robo-Glove Something Burning This Way Comes
37 votes up
1 vote down
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This suggestion was accepted by Randy.

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I like Gloves

Fits like a hat

Sellers: - - 1 Month @ 45 Keys

Sale 1)!/compare/1538438400/1538524800 - Sold for a Nuts n' Bolts Villain's Veil (37)

Sale 2)!/compare/1537488000/1537574400!/compare/1537488000/1537574400 - Sold for a Duped Orbiting Planets Pyromancer's Mask (45)

Mini for Mask:!/compare/1539561600/1539648000 - Sold for 45 Keys

Taking 45 Keys as a Mini

Sales we have are:

37 and 45

Thanks =)