Price Suggestion
~1354 keys
Unusual Sleeveless in Siberia Morning Glory
49 votes up
6 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Foamy the Fearsome.

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This sale got featured in a pyrojoe video XD

Jokes aside, Much thanks to foamy for helping me out with the basebill and big country minis. (EDIT: and making this work, even more thanks)

It's a month later and some of the sales are kinda out of date, but hopefully, not too out of date to be used.

When I made this suggestion thou, the old price was still indate, so as rules expect me to do, this is going to be a range sale.

the first sale: where it sold for mostly pure and an aussie at 1050 keys.

The most recent sale, where I bought it with a mixed offer:!/compare/1540857600/1540944000 (buyer)!/compare/1540771200/1540944000 (seller)

Still intent to keep. Pullover is not indate, but, I've had it since it got priced and is 1-1, xqiu wanted it in the deal so, it was valued at BP price: 165 keys

Also, want to point out the price of this is pretty much static until xqiu sells it, while formy made a good point about 1-1s in the previous suggestion, I'd think after a year if there really was more than 1, we'd see it by now. So we can safely ausume there is not another one out there.

Flaming Lantern Big Country and Strange Circling TF Logo Baseball Bill's Sports Shine:!/compare/1538006400/1538265600

1 for 2 indate demonflame buckaroos hat, valuing both hats at 58 hats. (only 2 of their kind with recent market activity)

Sensei mini:;5;u79 one sale Oct 5, $450;6/Mann%20Co.%20Supply%20Crate%20Key $1.8 at the time of Oct 5

450/1.8=250 keys


going with range of 1050-1658. Hopefully I did it right this time.