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~0.17 ref
Unique Buff Banner
410 votes up
127 votes down
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  • 0.11 ref
    Unique Buff Banner 5 Purchased 7062572221 4445148712
  • 0.11 ref
    Unique Buff Banner 5 Purchased 7108003150 3735473964
  • 2 ref
    Unique Buff Banner 5 Purchased 7016356813 4320886123
  • 3 ref
    Unique Buff Banner 5 Purchased 6681202785 2391735253
  • 0.11 ref
    Unique Buff Banner 5 Purchased 4866792067 3874188157
  • 0.22 ref
    Unique Buff Banner 5 Purchased 7351302646 4163157064
  • 0.11 ref
    Unique Buff Banner
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Welcome to this COMPLETELY NECESSARY price change, after 3 years!


3 @ 0.11

Auto-buyer @ 0.11

Auto-sellers @ 0.22 seller at .05 for 4 days

    Doesn't the auto-buyer @ 0.11 cancel that out? Would this be good now if I were to resuggest at 0.11-0.22? Sales for both of those in the past 24 hours.

      Back to lowest seller @ 0.11 and an auto-buyer @ 0.11

        4 months at 0.11, this seems high

          If you're referring to the seller, he has options to sell it at 0.11 to one of the (2) auto-buyers.

          If not, can you please elaborate?

        for wep it is need more than 3 sales in month I think

 Another sale at 0.05. For something that you'd think would sell instantly due to the immediate profit, this took 5 days to sell.

          I'm not sure how I feel about a range of 0.05-0.22, this will have to be discussed with other mods. But the fact remains that this needs a resuggestion.

            Should I just close this and have one of you guys make the resug?

              Well, mods can't make suggestions, so if you don't want to make the resuggestion yourself you're going to have to find someone else.

              And yeah, you're better off closing this for now.

            buff banner new currency?