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~160 keys
Unusual Das Gutenkutteharen Something Burning This Way Comes
34 votes up
2 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by K1ng.

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ooh its almost 1 am, i hate myself

suggchallenge13 you get the drill blah blah blah

HIstories I am using:

Sale 1!/compare/1535673600/1535760000


Sale 2!/compare/1535673600/1535760000

idk probs qs

Sale 3!/compare/1535760000/1535846400

Sold for 65, took a day, qs

Sale 4!/compare/1537920000/1538352000

Sold for scorching field and ~7.5 in adds

93 + 7.5 = 100.5, rounding to 100, can't find a buyout - I would love to say it is likely to be 90 but idk guess I will not assume unless told otherwise

Sale 5!/compare/1536537600/1536796800

Sold for 71 keys and 4.33 ref

Taking 71


65, 71, 100

Seeing as 65 took a day to sell, excluding as qs, the 71 took 11 days

Rounding to 70 to 100

aj out and hopefully I get enough sleep to not crash out