Price Suggestion
~40 keys
Unusual Ol' Snaggletooth Hellfire
433 votes up
69 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Mindacos S>SplBnd TDE 150k.

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I like Teeth

Om nom nom

Sellers: -


Sale 1) +;5;u78 - Sold for ~(40) "Keys" ($71.01 / $1.79)

Only sale we have is:


Thanks =)

        43 key buyers right there it can go easily higher

            Accepting the sale as-is. This isn't overwhelmingly low, as other similar effects are around this range(secret to everybody, frostbite, poisoned shadows). Even if the buyers were there before the suggestion got made, I feel the feedback to this is an overexaggeration.

            If this is worth more than 40, it can be updated when it resells.