Price Suggestion
~182.5 keys
Unusual Trucker's Topper Galactic Gateway
76 votes up
10 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Foamy the Fearsome.

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1 of 3: 1 of them will be in bp unboxer forever, second one still untreadable and 3rd one has 2 recent sales

Sale 1) 60 pure: 80 keys buy order in classifieds when he sold for that ammount and 1 offer at 120 keys in items (he ignored them, trader with 0 experience)!/compare/1541721600/1541808000

Sale 2) 120 pure: the guy who offered 120 in items to DapperTrash, payed 120 pure to Hobo on Fire!/compare/1541808000/1541980800

Buyer is currently banned for trading with scammers until November 15th

But it should be ok as valid sale

☆Summary: sale 1 outlier considering a higher buy order in that moment

New price: 120 keys

    Gonna leave a comment explaining my side of the controversial 60 sale here, as I couldn’t on the old suggestion while I was temp banned. When I offered 120, I intended to quicksell my Ghastly Ghosts Headsplitter (which, was on at the time, and wasn’t physically in my backpack) for Rubi’s auto-buy order for 115, add 5, and do 120 pure. The shrewdness of the owner was not founded, as he did not accept my offer of discussion. Just wanted to clear this stuff up. Thank you.

      I have been approached several times with 130 pure offers, and there is only 1 on the market with a high buyout of 400 keys, the new price should lie somewhere within this range.

        That 400 keys is eldritch opening (another effect). I kill for free is the seller and he bought that unusual with an antifreeze attendant outdated at 60 keys (lol)

        He basically sharked that Trucker's topper and now he is highballing with that ridiculous 400 keys sell order

        Here you have another eldricth opening Trucker's topper sharked (sharked by Adolf storm aka uncle adolf)

        He payed 41 keys pure (bought from noob unboxer) for it and then he resold for more than 150 keys in duplicated unusuals... lol

        And i insist... this is galactic gateway Trucker's topper suggestion. I dont understand why you mention that eldritch opening trucker's topper: it is a different unusual

          It's not unreasonable to price the three moon effects similarly as most ppl look at them as the same value, unless they are a collector who wants that effect for that hat. My 130 pure offers are probably more pertinent to the actual price than a bunch of sharked deals that occurred. Also, mine is from the unboxer and better reflects the actual price instead of a quicksale. It specifically states in the pricing guidelines that quicksale prices are NOT to be considered hard evidence.

            Sorry bro, this works different. You can't set a price comparing other effects: those 3 moons are similar, it is obvious (3 different colors) but the value will be different. Same case with harvest moon and cloudy moon: harvest moon is more expensive that cloudy moon and they are almost the same...

            120 keys is the most accurate sale for this unusual so dont insist to compare other effects

              Mine is same hat same effect, that's why I am stating that it is pertinent.

        Feels a bit shady when you contact me to try to buy the hat for the price you are trying to get it listed for.

          Yes i was willing to buy it for 130 keys. The problem is that you rejected that offer TWICE. And unusual price suggestions are based on sales not potential trade offers.

          So 60 and 120 keys are the only valid sales

            Yea it just seems like you are trying to price it down so you can get one, even though you personally would rather pay more then what you are suggesting and have proposed it multiple times.

              I offered 130 keys before those 2 sales. I was intrested in that Trucker's topper when DapperTrash, unboxed the first one. But Chippin arrived firts, im not doing this suggestion in order to manipulate the price. Im just posting 60 and 120 keys NO MORE sales up to now. And i think you are trying to manipulate the price because you are the unboxer of 3rd one and you are disagree with this 120 keys suggestion because you want more profit. Your opinion is not objective because you own one of these 3 galactic trucker and i repeat: price suggestions are based on sales not potential trade offers. So if you dont like this price, well tell me when you or the other 2 trucker's topper owners sell the unusual for more or even less than 120. In that case of course i will resuggest...

          Normally Id be inclined to wait for more sales with no ways to determine the outlier, but given that it seemingly consistently gets offered way higher than 60 I guess Im fine with this.