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~85 keys
Collector's Phlogistinator
37 votes up
30 votes down
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  • 26.1 keys
    Collector's Phlogistinator
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I bought one for $79.99 on

Don't look at me like that, I know I have a problem.

Last time it sold on Marketplace was in 2016;14;strange

Last time it sold on Steam Market was in January (and what it's worth, it sold for 90 dollars)

79.99 / 1.78 for a key at the time of this suggestion equaling to ~44.94, rounding up to 45 keys.

Considering Phlogistinator Strangifier regularly goes for around 50-70 cents between Marketplace and the Steam Market, equating it's value to less than half a key, I've made the price 44.5 keys as the common ground. Ouch, less backpack value for me.

4.5 years I wonder if I've lost my touch

    Can't use decimals in pricing like this,!/compare/1536710400/1536796800 i sold one for the stovepipe + adds sold stovepipe for 25 pure, so i think this phlog needs a range

      Didn't know I couldn't use decimals

      That phlogistinator in your link is professional killstreak

        yeah, however killstreaks on these sorts of items usually arent factored into the pricing, same with the strange factor on the one you bought.

        As for my sale it would be 25 (stovepipe) + 26 keys of aussies (bp prices are a bit high) + roughly 4 keys of adds, which equals 55 keys

          On marketplace alone there’s been 2 sales of professional killstreak collector’s phlogistinators for ~120 dollars

          an approximate 40 dollar difference for a killstreaker is pretty significant to just gloss over

      Haven't seen you around for a long time, but shouldn't this be 45 keys and not 44.5 keys since it sold for ~45 keys in cash, doubt the strangifier affects the value