Price Suggestion
Sunbeams Bonk Boy
Submitted by y3
~235 keys
Unusual Bonk Boy Sunbeams
40 votes up
2 votes down
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ugh **** this

2 recent sales

sale 1)

sold for a nebula universal translator (in-date at 185) and 10 keys pure!/compare/1533772800/1534204800!/compare/1533772800/1534032000 - ???

185 + 10 = 195 keys

sale 2)

$399.99 (I know its a duped sale, but you can use those for a high end) = keys were $1.80

$399.99 / $1.80 = 222.22 = 222 keys

taking 195-222!


    There are many more dupe sales:

    If you want to include a dupe sale in range you will have to prove that it's not an outlier (in other words, check other dupe sales).