Price Suggestion
Haunted Ghosts Skullcap
Submitted by Vipa
~355 keys
Unusual Skullcap Haunted Ghosts
59 votes up
9 votes down

This suggestion was accepted by Randy.

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reuploaded with suggestions

Pricing at 355 as suggested by

First sale in three years. "rare" hat pricing rules?

Many thanks to for helping me put this together. criticism and help with price suggesting this hat would be greatly appreciated.

Sold for duped Green Energy Team Captian 1:1!/compare/1540857600/1540944000!/compare/1537574400/1540944000

Duped GE TC mini:

Sold with Bulk for burning Law(being used in another price suggestion atm)!/compare/1539475200/1539648000!/compare/1539561600/1539648000

Sold for Vivid plasma team captain + Sunbeams antarctic eyewear + timewarp detective noir 325-360!/compare/1540425600/1540857600!/compare/1540771200/1540857600

180 pure + HG TC (355) <--------- using this number as it is mostly pure/easy to sell and falls within the range of the last sale. ( suggestion)!/compare/1535500800/1535587200


If you find any more sales and such please lemme know and help me price suggest.

Also 1:1 for a frostbite tc