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~30 keys
Unusual Minigun Isotope King of the Jungle
478 votes up
59 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Foamy.

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The real question is why buy something for ~92 keys and then sell it for 1/3rd of what you bought it for wat

      Sale is outdated but supports drop otherwise

        Well mine sale was 5 august, and the sale in the suggest was 22 august, maybe I'm dumb, but they are both outdated aren't they?

          It was indate at the time i posted it

    We're kind of in a pickle here because normally, we'd reject suggestions like this, wherea single buyer paid a huge amount (that resembles an outlier purchase) and then resells for much less. Incidentally, in this case, the high purchase did seem like someone intending to keep it, and at the time it seemed like there were no other options (and thus the sale was reported as is), but it is clear with this new info that the 92 sale as a whole was the outlier in the bigger picture here.

    Normally I'd opt to wipe or restore the price to a time before either sale happened, but this basically does that already as it moves the price back to where it was before any of this happened. As a matter of speaking, accepting this suggestion virtually reverts the price to back where it should have remained half a year ago.

    In accordance I'd be hesistant to use this anywhere else as in a case like this, its likely that sales were influenced by the higher price, meaning it should really be treated as if this was outdated.