Price Suggestion
~95 keys
Unusual Deep Cover Operator Scorching Flames
65 votes up
7 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Randy.

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O melancholy of the wind that rolls!

Sales 1-3;5;u14

First sale outlier. I don't feel comfortable including a $340 sale when Geel's sits 12 days forty dollars down.

$205 on 9/06

$270 on 10/31

First sale quickbuy at 105 keys, second sale has merit

152 keys

this entire history is flooded with unusables, scammers, untraces

Taking the 152 key sale here


    Got another sale.

    1:1 for a Darkblaze Tree.!/compare/1542585600/1542758400

    Using it there to refresh the price.

      more sales

      Sold for a Beams Starboard Crusader -!/compare/1543104000/1543276800

      Use there

      Also what went on here in this history since it seems you are involved with it -

      is it brokering, a tradeback or wat