Price Suggestion
~65 keys
Unusual Plumber's Cap Orbiting Fire
307 votes up
117 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Foamy the Fearsome.

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Extremely outdated, it needs this update

65 pure (seller was not quickselling)!/compare/1539648000/1539820800!/compare/1539648000/1539734400

☆Current owner at 160 (1 year old price)

☆Highest buyer at 50

☆No more recent sales

☆Helpful comments are appreciated

    Regardless if 160 is overpriced or not, 65 is clearly too low since it was sold so quickly for close to 60% off its price, this for sure would be considered a quicksell. Close and wait for a usable sale.

        oof. but this makes me wonder, does gambling affect the price of the unusual?

          I put that info in order to clarify that was not a sale, he was just gambling with the other guy. So 65 keys sale remains as the main evidence

        Why does the trading community even try to argue suggestions like these? They are obviously incorrect, but the pricing moderators do not listen and do a half ass job and say "better than current" Not blaming it on them since accepting price suggestions would get pretty ****ing boring. This will most likely get accepted, so can we stop wasting out time.

          Highest buyer at 60, this doesn't make any sense.

            You are so inocent... that buy order was listed after this suggestion. And that buy order was made by Sexysparta (the owner of strange orbiting fire plumber's cap, listed by him at 200 keys lol). That buy order is fake, manipulation purpose.

          Sold in under 2 days = Quicksale. No?

              And how long was it listed for 65 before it sold?

                  I browse the "deals" section daily and absolutely would have bought if I had seen it there.

                  I didn't.

                  I'm fairly sure it was sold at this price for a VERY short amount of time.


                      listed at 150 ~15 days ago

                          usually if someone lists at 150 keys then sells for a price 85 keys under their listing, its a quicksell



                            A. effects aren't priced based on other effects on the same hat.

                            B. this one is unbelievably themed.

                            C. my point wasn't about how much i'd pay. my point was that i'm 99% sure it wasn't up for long whatsoever at this price.

                            D. i have no desire to "crash this suggestion" nor do I have any horse in this race. i'm simply adding something to look into in an attempt to contribute to the goal of making this item accurately priced, as I believe there is a decent chance that this sale was within the quicksale window.

                            You should take your own advice. What everyone else is providing is facts: this is a quicksell, so it is not usable. You are arguing your opinions: you think this hat is overpriced

                                Again, you’re stating your opinion that it’s overpriced lol.

                                    So you’re saying something is overpriced if the quickbuy price is higher than 30% off? Using that logic, your spellbound katyusha is overpriced because quickbuyers at 25 keys. xd

                                    I set my buy order at 63 to quickbuy it seeing how it’s over 50% off the given price.

                  65? smh. even if can pay more than this I supposed

                          How this is still up is confusing to me.

                          Facts to counter the suggestion were provided already (QS, Short listing time. etc.)

                          Judging by the amount of people that have voted on this, I wouldn't be surprised to see over 50% having disagreed with this new price. The only argument one can bring at the moment is that effects are priced based on others, which has,is and never will be the case.

                          (Also impressive over 400 people, thanks for your contribution in this!)

                            Banter aside, I don't see anything directly disproving the suggestion here. It hasn't resold in over a month, it struggled to sell below current as is evidenced by the seller. Gradually lowering your BO doesn't mean that if you just took another step down and sell it fast, none of the other selling points matter anymore; even 150 at and below which it has been selling for over a month according to the seller himself is below current.

                            Not arguing that this can't be on the low, but I don't see an immensely compelling case to reject this sale - hell, even the "manipulator buyers" alluded to aren't at or above the price, which is usually the case in similar situations.

                            As with most of these cases, if it turns out that this is too low, it can always be resuggested once it resells.