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~10 ref
Haunted Hound's Hood
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  • 1 key
    Haunted Hound's Hood 18 Found in Crate Indubitably Green 7167809580 2035054888
  • 5 keys
    Haunted Hound's Hood 95 Found in Crate 5584138010 2040119959
  • 7.33 ref
    Haunted Hound's Hood
  • 7 ref
    Haunted Hound's Hood
  • 7 ref
    Haunted Hound's Hood
  • 7 ref
    Haunted Hound's Hood
  • 7 ref
    Haunted Hound's Hood
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4x 0.54$

0.54$ : 0.06 = 4x 9 refined metals is outdated and quicksells only -->

    you should at least provide the marketplace link.

      You can click the picture and theres just above, I provided because not everyone has the opportunity to access the database

      But fine, here you go;13

        yeah i get that, but that's not always going to be that easily accessible.

          Yeah I havent figured how to find the item statistics when theres no seller, any suggestions?

            well, the numbers in the marketplace url's refer to the item and their quality in that order. you can find the item's number on (in this case, it's 30207), and once you've done that, you can play around with the other number until you get the right quality. if you do it enough times, you'll start to remember which number belongs to which quality.

            that being said, it's not a great idea to rely on marketplace sales for cheap items such as this, unless they're very rare or desperately need it. if it were up to me, i'd leave them outdated.

              Yea I set my goal like to price every halloween cosmetic that changes your hat, so I hope you get my point, its just like a challenge for me, hope you understand :P, btw can you tell me where exactly can I find the numbers?

            Item→Stats→Make New Suggestion→View Marketplace Sales