Price Suggestion
Terror-Watt Bonk Boy
Submitted by Mucy
~57.5 keys
Unusual Bonk Boy Terror-Watt
35 votes up
9 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Randy.

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Finally after days of work I can submit this beauty!

Terror-Watt Bonk Boy

Sale 1

Sold with 11 keys for a GE Defiant Spartan (updated 18 hours ago @ 44 keys) + Strange Spec KS Aussie Rocket Launcher (32 keys on Market) = 65 keys!/compare/1532649600/1532822400!/compare/1532736000/1532822400

Sale 2


Sale 3

Sold for 50 keys!/compare/1538352000/1538438400!/compare/1538352000/1538438400

Sale 4

Bulk for Anti-Freeze War Pig (happened after it's recent sugg and probably not useful in the future but yeah whatevs)!/compare/1538524800/1538611200!/compare/1538352000/1538611200

Sale 5

Bulk for Strange Scorching Tundra!/compare/1538784000/1538870400!/compare/1538784000/1538870400

Sale 6


Sale 7

Sold for 60 keys!/compare/1533513600/1533600000!/compare/1533513600/1533600000


one @ 70 keys, fresh/1 day old


one @ 47 keys, two @ 46 keys and another 2 @ 44 keys

Sales: 50 / 60 / 65

Going to include 50 in the range for now unless said otherwise.

Leave some feedback or report more sales down below.