Price Suggestion
~52.5 keys
Unusual Human Cannonball Circling Heart
29 votes up
10 votes down
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Second wave of suggestions incoming huehue

Only recent sale that I could find:!/compare/1539043200/1539216000

Sold for 49 keys along with the kazotsky kick.

Kazotsky kick is at 1.85 keys, so 49 - 1.85 = 47.15 keys, rounding down to 47 keys.

Therefore taking 47 keys flat.

Unsolds: (Unsold for 1.5 years, B/O is 70 keys) (Unsold for 1.5 months, not sure about the transaction there, B/O is 70 keys)

    Could have been a quicksell at 47 to be honest. Young seller at 60. I'd wait for him to see if he sells.

      thanks man

      BTW sold for ~56 in mixed :)

      very nice of you for doing that