Price Suggestion
~26 keys
Unusual Deep Cover Operator Disco Beat Down
37 votes up
1 vote down
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This suggestion was accepted by Randy.

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Choo Choo. Car 49

Resuggestion due to changed mini.

Sale 1:!/compare/1531699200/1531958400!/compare/1531872000/1531958400


Sale 2:!/compare/1534204800/1534291200!/compare/1534204800/1534291200

Sold for TFL Woolen

use there.

Sale 3:!/compare/1534204800/1534291200!/compare/1534118400/1534291200

Sold with 12 keys for G Fetti Pencil(40) + Vivid Brigade

Brigade Mini:!/compare/1533945600/1534032000!/compare/1533945600/1534032000

Sold with negligible ref for Aussie Scattergun(23) + 2 keys

Total is 25 keys!/compare/1534377600/1534464000!/compare/1534377600/1534464000

Sold for 25 keys (2 were used to buy Honcho)

Considering seller at 32 for 19 days, and buyers up to 24, lets try and take 25.

Total is 53 keys.

B/O of 45, capping.

Sale 4:!/compare/1535155200/1535241600!/compare/1534464000/1535241600

Sold for Burning Puffy + ~5 keys in sweets

Puffy Mini:

Suggestion for 39 keys

Total is 44 keys.

Sale 5:!/compare/1535241600/1535328000!/compare/1535068800/1535328000


Sale 6:!/compare/1535587200/1535760000!/compare/1535673600/1535760000

Sold with Ghastly Skullcracker(33) for Sulphrous Soldered

use there.

Total sales @:

44, 45

Taking 44 - 45 keys