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~13 keys
Unusual Warhood Orbiting Planets
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55 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Randy.

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The Sale:

Bought from scrap with some metal for 13 keys



X = 13

Other Sales: (#1) (#2) (#3-7, the rest were gambled) - mannco stuff




Untraceable, sold to scrap!/compare/1536537600/1537747200!/compare/1536537600/1536624000


Untraceable, sold to scrap!/compare/1530144000/1530316800!/compare/1530230400/1530316800


Untraceable, bought from scrap!/compare/1531180800/1531267200!/compare/1531180800/1531267200


Sold for Spelled junk!/compare/1531267200/1531353600!/compare/1531267200/1531353600


Bulk to scrap for Stormy Cotton Head!/compare/1531440000/1531526400!/compare/1531440000/1531526400



Probably did sell for the items in the compare link, which came from here:!/compare/1534032000/1534118400

If so, this will also end up being 13 keys.

Sellers: - ~14 keys - 18 keys

Sales at:


Scrap used to base their prices off of the low-end, but they no longer appear to be doing that, which would explain the difference between the sale we have and the current listing price on scrap.

Going with 13 flat.

      Dumped on scrap again, for 11 keys and some metal!/compare/1539907200/1540166400

      Also looks like it was bought from, and sold to, scrap again recently, given multiple entries in the item's history:

        13 flat is prolly for the best here, the other sales that went below it and a bit quicker can be called support. Accepting.