Price Suggestion
Sunbeams Hong Kong Cone
Submitted by Torb
~252.5 keys
Unusual Hong Kong Cone Sunbeams
70 votes up
2 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Hellas Pindakas.

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First burning, then scorching then beams

Sale 1:!/compare/1532131200/1532217600 used there

Sale 2:!/compare/1530835200/1530921600!/compare/1530835200/1531267200 using as support for price

Sale 3:!/compare/1531872000/1531958400!/compare/1531872000/1531958400 sold for mg pullover, arcana tree and 5k

Mini for pullover:!/compare/1531872000/1531958400

sold for phosph crones and burning phantom

Crones indate at 335, le party has buyers at 112

335+112+170=617, with sellers on the cone at much lower, gonna exclude this sale as high

Sale 4:!/compare/1531958400/1532044800!/compare/1531958400/1532044800 sold for this stuff

Sale 5:!/compare/1531612800/1532131200!/compare/1532044800/1532131200 sold for 361 pure and pyro mask

Seems high given sellers

Sale 6:!/compare/1534982400/1535068800 All credits jarool

Regarding sale 6:

The Chullo has a sale at ~330, and a seller on marketplace for around 320 keys worth:

Sold with 11 keys + Buds (~2) for Burning Flames Rack (345)



X = 330 (Rounded from 332)

(Gonna submit this one in a sec)

The Botkiller RL sold for 18 keys:!/compare/1535155200/1535500800

The Brain is being priced at ~67

Sack sold for 9:!/compare/1535760000/1535932800

Regular RL sold for 15:!/compare/1535932800/1536192000

Added together, it would end up being ~435 keys here. Given the nature of the sale, it would be better to use that sale here instead. Would also make it drop even further11!!!

Sale 7:!/compare/1534723200/1534809600!/compare/1534809600/1534896000 sold for 350 pure

Sale 8:!/compare/1534723200/1534809600!/compare/1534636800/1534809600 strange neb trans + miami tc + bonzo bruces, no minis for the hats, excluding

Sale 9:;5;u17 sold for 849$, keys at 1.88

849/1.88=451.595745 , taking 450

Sales: 450, 350, 435 (thanks to jarool)

I am aware this can get more in items, but if you want a pure value this is probably the best you'll get


Seller at 800$ on mptf, seems its been recently put up (cache doesnt show it) with keys at 1.87, 800/1.87=427.807487, not including range

Seller at 450k but young

Sale at 849$

350 sold to a buy order (and is sorta low), excluding;5;u17

    $799 / $1.86 = 429.57 keys

    Recent sale on the 15th on sep

    Edit: literally sold like day after this sugg