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~13.5 keys
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This suggestion was accepted by FishCrimes.

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Sale 1:!/compare/1535241600/1535673600!/compare/1534982400/1535846400

Maybe 16 keys?

Sale 2:!/compare/1533254400/1533340800!/compare/1533254400/1533340800

Sold for 13 keys + 14.11 ref

Sale 3:!/compare/1534982400/1535068800!/compare/1534809600/1535068800


Sale 4:!/compare/1535068800/1535155200

Sold with 2 keys for HG Mullet

Suggestion for 16.5 keys

Total is 14.5 keys

Sale 5:!/compare/1535068800/1535155200!/compare/1535068800/1535155200


Sale 6:!/compare/1535241600/1535328000!/compare/1535241600/1535328000

Sold with negligible sweets for CH Boron Beanie(15)

Sale 7:!/compare/1535500800/1535587200!/compare/1535500800/1535587200

Sold with ~1 key in sweets for 11 keys?

Total is 10 keys

Sale 8:!/compare/1535587200/1535673600


Total sales @:

10, 13, 14.5, 15 keys

10 is below buyers, calling outlier.

FishCrimes Part:

This is gonna need a resuggest too, scourge. I won't close since it's tricky, but sale 1 is not untraceable. It really sold for 16 keys. The IDs match. If you take the buyer's ID off of the hat (7123521933) and you plug it in the seller's compare (!/compare/1535241600/1535673600 ), this is what you get:

Taking 13 - 16 keys.

    -Sale 5 isn't completely untrace, the mullet sold with 2 keys for something, as shown on buyer's side but we can't trace what :^(

    -Sale 8 is an example of why you should never call something untraceable without checking both sides. Not that we can use the sale anyway, but sold with 3 keys for a twatt soldered sensei(22 keys) (19 keys total):!/compare/1535673600/1536278400



    -Untraceable, because we have garbage luck:!/compare/1530489600/1531353600!/compare/1531008000/1531180800